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[6|15|05 @ 7:48 pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yay, first icon post here XD


random iconsCollapse )

More can be found at my icon journal: phizzwizard
Please comment and credit if you take any ^_^


requests [5|7|05 @ 11:00 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

if you are not a skilled iconmaker we provide a service where you can request an icon
however there are some rules

* be polite when requesting (an) icons
* reply to this post and this post alone
*respect the rules of the person who made the icon

keep in mind that some of our members have busy lives , which means you have to be...

*patient :p
*thankful when someone took the time to honour your request


[5|7|05 @ 11:00 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hello and welcome to bewitched_icons
a community where you can post your icons and promote your icon or graphics journal on the side

this is an open community , which means everyone can join


* be nice to your fellow members, bashing or flaming will get you banned

* different members have different rules when they post icons , please respect them

* when posting icons from a tv show or movie are spoilery put them behind a lj cut

* also use a lj cut when you are posting more than 3 icons

* when posting a fake cut make sure its not to a friends only post

* do not post any offensive icons , mild nudity is okay but nothing too hardcore
this also includes icons with excessive violence or icons that display animal or human abuse

* request for icons go here


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